Welcome to the visual journey of Jo Shutter, a landscape photographer whose passion for capturing the earth’s majestic beauty has taken her across the sweeping plains of America, through the ancient landscapes
of Europe, and over the untamed wilderness of Asia.

With a keen eye for the dramatic interplay of light and landscape, Jo’s photographs do more than merely document her travels; they invite you to step into a world where every horizon tells a story. Join her as she explores the hidden narratives of our planet, one breathtaking shot at a time.

  • Example Post 2

    Example Post 2

    Oh, how I repented my foolish mismanagement! The men bit their lips, and looked at one another in some confusion. This was perceived by our party; who, taking advantage of it, protested they would write Lord Orville word of their ill behaviour without delay. This quite startled them; and one of the footmen offered to…

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  • Example Post 1

    Example Post 1

    The footman, very impertinently, laughed and turned upon his heel. Madame Duval, extremely irritated, ran out in the rain, and beckoned the coachman, who instantly obeyed her summons. Shocked beyond all expression, I flew after her, and entreated her, with the utmost earnestness, to let us return in a hackney coach:-but, oh!-she is impenetrable to…

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  • Hello world!

    Hello world!

    I was so much affected by this politeness, and chagrined at the whole affair, that I could scarce refrain from tears. Madame Duval, and the Miss Branghtons eagerly jumped into the coach, and desired me to follow. I would rather have submitted to the severest punishment; but all resistance was vain. During the whole ride…

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